SEQUOIA ViralShield masks use ultra-light and filtering nanomembranes, made of high-density nanofibres. The unique combination of innovative filtering materials provides highest standards of protection and guarantees increased breathing comfort for the user.
The quality of our products is tested at our in-house laboratory in accordance with the rules of the Enterprise Manufacturing Standards.

SEQUOIA ViralShield 

Three-layered filtration half mask protecting against COVID-19.

Declared application:

COVID-19 protection in accordance with the EU regulation RFU 02.075 version 2 – Protection against pathogens including bacteria and fungi.


  • outer layer made of non-woven fabric
  • filtration nanomembrane
  • nose clip which ensures a clean seal and optimal fit
  • soft and skin-safe lining which removes the exhaled air
  • headbands that fit around the ears

Filtration material:

Nanotechnology is manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. It allows for the creation of materials with very precise molecular structure and mechanical parametres, because it can be controlled on the level of smallest particles.

  • ultra-light and ultrathin nanofiber
  • 3-layered structure
  • approx. 95% porosity
  • hydro- and oleo-phobic material working as mechanical barrier to stop viruses and bacteria

Larger filtration area – more comfortable breathing:

High-density network of ultra-thin nanofibers and billions of micropores helps combine the highest level of protection with excellent breathibility.

Unaffected filtration efficiency during the entire lifetime of the mask.

The specific filtration area of nanomembrane is approx. 15000 larger than that of nonwoven fabric or melt-blown. Contrary to the electrostatic filters which lose their efficiency when exposed to humidity, NanoPro, being a purely mechanical filtration layer, guarantees efficiency of the filtration layer during the lifetime of the mask.

Instruction of use:

We invite wholesalers to cooperate with us.
Minimum order 500 pieces.